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Unbreakable & lightweight. The best in the world

A revolutionary range of innovative suction machines



Jet is the new line of compact portable suction devices to be produced by Spencer. The perfect synthesis of substantial and continuous investment in research and development done over the last few years.

A range of avant garde, versatile, innovative suction devices which above all are able to meet the requirements of strength, lightness and stability that today's market demands.

A complete line, offering you the opportunity to choose the suction device that best suits your needs. Each model is itself unique and inimitable thanks the unique features that will make your user experience rapid and effective.

The wide range offers Jet Compact the most compact and lightest portable suction on the market and Home Jet equipped with innovative integral protection shell AMBUJET the series made even versatile thanks to its 20 G wall mounting attachment

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Unique characteristics

Direct connection between canister and machine

Thanks to the unique and innovative direct connection between the canister and the suction machine that no longer requires the use of tubes, the number of components for Jet has been reduced and there is therefhours a significant reduction of maintenance costs. This design innovation also facilitates insertion and substitution of the canister.

Canister protection

The only suction device in the world equipped with an integral protective shell in polyethylene. Totally protecting both the device and the canister no matter the direction from which it falls or the surface it falls onto.

Rapid substitution of the battery

No more time needed to send to the Service Centre. No need for unscrewing. Just a coin is enough to remove the battery cover and substituting the battery is now quick and easy.


Jet is the lightest suction device in the world. No other suction device weighs less than 4 kg.


Jet is the only suction device in the world that has a wide base that offers extraordinary stability to the device.


The handy shoulder strap makes transporting the device easy and quick in any situation.


Jet is the first electrical suction machine to obtain 20 G UNI EN-1789 Crash Test certificate. A record that underline our attention towards details and the high technological value of the product.

Jet Compact

Jet Compact

Ultra light portable suction device

Weighing only 1,60 kg the lightest in the world

The most compact in the world, 220 x 70 x h180 mm

Single use 300 ml canister

Pratical and handy with high performance

Suction rate 32 l/min

Home Jet

Home Jet

Compact transport suction device

Strong bump proof polyethelene shell

800 ml canister or 1000 ml autoclavable

Direct device - canister connection

Equipped with shoulder strap and grab handle

Suction rate 32 l/min



Portable suction device with 20 G fixing system

Polyethelyne shell to withstand any impact

Single use 800 ml canister or 1000 ml autoclavable

20 G Wall fixing with possibility to automatically reload

Supplied with shoulder strap and transport grab handle

Suction rate 32 l/min


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